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What Medical Examiners, Coroners and Investigators
say about working with Unclaimed Persons

Frankly, I was skeptical about what a team of volunteer genealogists could contribute at first, but they've demonstrated an ability to turn up useful information without making contact with family members. However, having been treated to the remarkable amount of information that these skilled researchers can obtain from a wide array of websites not typically accessed by law enforcement, I now regard them as not only a helpful supplement to our own efforts, but essential!

David Van Norman
Deputy Coroner Investigator/Unidentified-Missing Person Coordinator
San Bernardino County Sheriff Department - Coroner Division

On behalf of the families of the deceased contacted as a result of the efforts of "Unclaimed Persons" group, please accept my sincere gratitude.

Since our chief investigator, Pete Bihorel, first contacted you approximately three months ago, 15 cases have been referred to the "Unclaimed Persons" group. Not only did these volunteers find some families that had not been located through routine channels, but they did so with remarkable speed.

As a result of this outstanding performance, referring cases with no known next of kin to this group has now been incorporated into the investigative checklist.

Please ensure that everyone involved is aware how much their efforts are appreciated - both by the investigators and the families.

Richard L. Bailey
Manager of Operations
Medical Examiner Department
Hillsborough County
Tampa, Florida

I would like to thank your organization for your assistance on our recent Unidentified Person case. Skeletal remains were recovered along with a California Identification Card. While we had a strong suspicion that the remains belonged to the person whose identification card was found, the only way to make certain was through a DNA comparison. We initiated a search for possible next of kin, but were unable to locate anyone.

Within one day of requesting your organization's assistance, you were able to locate three siblings. They were contacted and have provided DNA samples in the hopes of a DNA match for identification. I am very grateful to your organization and look forward to working with you in the near future.

Additionally, based on your fine work, I have recommended your services to other law enforcement agencies within San Diego County.

Gretchen B. Geary
San Diego County
Medical Examiner Investigator III
John/Jane Doe Coordinator - February 3, 2009 - Answers found in county push to identify the nameless dead.
Article by David Hasemyer